Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yilan in May

My dear friend Yang invited me to join their school trip with her familyand class. It was like a, "traditional" taiwanese adventure where everything was DIY. The whole DIY thing is pretty popular here with the kids and families. We stayed in this fun german-like nature cabin in the mountains and made some traditional toys, foods, lanterns--the whole shabang. To make it even more fun, there were fireflies at night! The next day was filled with even more DIY stuff!! I love DIY but I'm deffinately DIYed out as of now..........can I say DIY any more?

Bali Land

So this year for Dragon Boat festival I wasn't plannin on anything special, a little travelin, hiking, something like that. But then on Tuesday, on my way to work on the bus, I noticed that I missed 6 calls from my friend Judy and work. I call her back and she instantly asked, "You want to go to Bali tomorrow?" And that's exactly how it happened. I don't know what I was expecting but it sure did deliver. Bali is an island in Indonesia and is known for its arts and crafts. It has a booming tourist industry which seems to be fueled mostly by Taiwan and Australia. Bali is filled with green trees, winding rice fields, blue water, brown smiling faces and marvelous stone works. A definite recommendation from me!!