Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ruxi The Wonder Pup

I would like to formally introduce you all to our home's latest addition, Ruxi. So how did we aquire this new friend you ask? Well, once upon a time I was sitting at home when Camille comes in the front door and says, "We have a delema". I really thought something bad was going on, but no, it was a PUPPY!! :) He's a funny looking and acctually almost ugly puppy, but he sure is sweet! The first couple of nights we didn;t get to see Ruxi's true personality shine because the poor thing was itching too terribly but once we got him those scabes meds, we realized Ruxi wasn't as calm as he appeared!! I couldn't get a good picture from him (he isn't too terribly photogenic) so I just made a video. He's knawing on a bone we found at the park tonight. He was pretty happy with this find, tail and all!