Thursday, February 19, 2009


India was: Different. Fun. Painful. Beautiful. Dirty. Colorful. Exhausting. Tasty. A little Scary. Shocking. Breathtaking. Disappointing. Eye opening. Difficult. Easy. Enlightening. Over Whelming. Friendly. And more than I could have ever expected and I can't wait to go again! I have so many conflicting emotions about India and I guess the best way to understand what I’m feeling is to just go to India and experience it for yourself. You must. You need to! My advice to you on this adventure would be, keep your eyes, ears and mind open. And You can do it! Charo!

Lantern Festival and The Year of the OX!!

Its Lantern Festival in Taiwan and luckily for me, Taipei has been chosen to host the event.

Different schools make these humongous lanterns

No occasion's an occasion with out fireworks and the 101.

My personal favorite.
The happiest statue I have ever seen, Mr. Chang Hai Shek himself.

A couple with style.........I think they were Japanese??

This is one my my new favorite places..........everybody is just enjoying life here and you can feel it!

Me, my super roomie Camille and Steve from Keelung

Vanessa, me and Marylnn.

Later I will dedicate a whole blog for the men and dogs here in Taipei----I never go a day where I dont see a man with a little pampered dog, I need to get busy with my picture taking!