Sunday, October 11, 2009


Keelung is officially known as the rainiest place in Taipei and it is pretty gloomy but I love it.  It's a port city and has plenty of character.  This time we went to visit a friend who just moved there, Lily.  She's been a little bummed about the move so we went to explore with her and found some cool stuff!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Beautiful Bunch

They truly are a wonderful bunch! I love them each soo much, I know it sounds cheesy, but they are the best.  I wish you could meet each one of them, your life would be better for it! Say hi to Devin, Dylan, Job, Harrison, Gavin, Vicki, Stanley, Emily, Nikitha, Davis and Derek!!!

Taiwan 10/10 Independence Day

Here is another adventure with Yang, Carrie and Nana. We are in the mountains just outside of the city, enjoying the clean air and the sweet company. This little trip naturally included some DIY and more than enough food to feed the chinese army....... I brought pinapple for the barbeque and they thought it very strange but humored be anyways. I want to bring smores next time :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yilan in May

My dear friend Yang invited me to join their school trip with her familyand class. It was like a, "traditional" taiwanese adventure where everything was DIY. The whole DIY thing is pretty popular here with the kids and families. We stayed in this fun german-like nature cabin in the mountains and made some traditional toys, foods, lanterns--the whole shabang. To make it even more fun, there were fireflies at night! The next day was filled with even more DIY stuff!! I love DIY but I'm deffinately DIYed out as of now..........can I say DIY any more?

Bali Land

So this year for Dragon Boat festival I wasn't plannin on anything special, a little travelin, hiking, something like that. But then on Tuesday, on my way to work on the bus, I noticed that I missed 6 calls from my friend Judy and work. I call her back and she instantly asked, "You want to go to Bali tomorrow?" And that's exactly how it happened. I don't know what I was expecting but it sure did deliver. Bali is an island in Indonesia and is known for its arts and crafts. It has a booming tourist industry which seems to be fueled mostly by Taiwan and Australia. Bali is filled with green trees, winding rice fields, blue water, brown smiling faces and marvelous stone works. A definite recommendation from me!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This year to Celebrate Easter, I had a little "party" in my 2nd grade class. My 2nd graders are one of my favorites. Once you meet them, it's easy to tell why--they'er absoluted dolls. For example, on Easter I told them that class was going to be a little different--they were estatic. We acctually did a lot of work in class and for the last 30 minutes, we colored in some paper Easter Eggs and we took turns hiding them for the opposite sex. They were absolutely beside themselves, screaming, yellping and grinning from ear to ear. We finished up with a little soda and cookies, they thanked me profussly and almost all of them announced-- "We want to have Easter everday." I even got more hugs than I could count ;) I love my job............

Hula Hoopin It Up

So a couple of weekends ago I went to visit an old friend, dear 'ol Cami Kay!! As expected--we had a blast!! We hung out on the beach next to her house, she surfed and I basically hula hooped the whole time. Needless to say, I was pretty rusty, but it didn't take long to get back into the rhythm. I have never had so much fun!!! Hula hoops are now a must for the beach!! Thank you Cami!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ruxi The Wonder Pup

I would like to formally introduce you all to our home's latest addition, Ruxi. So how did we aquire this new friend you ask? Well, once upon a time I was sitting at home when Camille comes in the front door and says, "We have a delema". I really thought something bad was going on, but no, it was a PUPPY!! :) He's a funny looking and acctually almost ugly puppy, but he sure is sweet! The first couple of nights we didn;t get to see Ruxi's true personality shine because the poor thing was itching too terribly but once we got him those scabes meds, we realized Ruxi wasn't as calm as he appeared!! I couldn't get a good picture from him (he isn't too terribly photogenic) so I just made a video. He's knawing on a bone we found at the park tonight. He was pretty happy with this find, tail and all!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


India was: Different. Fun. Painful. Beautiful. Dirty. Colorful. Exhausting. Tasty. A little Scary. Shocking. Breathtaking. Disappointing. Eye opening. Difficult. Easy. Enlightening. Over Whelming. Friendly. And more than I could have ever expected and I can't wait to go again! I have so many conflicting emotions about India and I guess the best way to understand what I’m feeling is to just go to India and experience it for yourself. You must. You need to! My advice to you on this adventure would be, keep your eyes, ears and mind open. And You can do it! Charo!

Lantern Festival and The Year of the OX!!

Its Lantern Festival in Taiwan and luckily for me, Taipei has been chosen to host the event.

Different schools make these humongous lanterns

No occasion's an occasion with out fireworks and the 101.

My personal favorite.
The happiest statue I have ever seen, Mr. Chang Hai Shek himself.

A couple with style.........I think they were Japanese??

This is one my my new favorite places..........everybody is just enjoying life here and you can feel it!

Me, my super roomie Camille and Steve from Keelung

Vanessa, me and Marylnn.

Later I will dedicate a whole blog for the men and dogs here in Taipei----I never go a day where I dont see a man with a little pampered dog, I need to get busy with my picture taking!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Should I Go to India?

HMMMMMMMMMM.......I need some help, soon it will be Chinese New Years and I'm not sure where to go. I have a super fun friend who is going to India for this holiday to visit some friends in Mubai and I am really thinking about joining her for about 10 days. The tickets are expensive, but that doesn't really matter--its India right? But then, there is the matter of terrorist attacts....the one that happened in November really freaks me out! Should I go? Is it safe? Or should I just find somewhere else to go? Am I over reacting? I need some advice!!!!!!