Monday, November 17, 2008

The top of the mountain.

I really did use this toilet........and it wasn't as bad as it looked.....but it was NOT "Modern!"

An organic sink--that worked

Can you spot the 101?

Mushroom Garden

Mushrooms are beautiful!

Moss textures are irresistible

A gun, a sword, some ice-cream and panda transportation----what more could you ask for?

He looked so cute and then the second the camera clicked--he turned on me

Big Sharp Mountain

This spider is for real. She is as big as my hand (no exaggerations) and I saw about twenty of these horror movie-esq creatures on the hike! Whenever I think of these, I can hear their pointy feet scuttling across tile---ting, ting ting ting----- "I am coming to bite you my darling"

Big Sharp Mountain

This past Saturday, my roommate and I ventured out with our hiking book in hand and "Big Sharp Mountain" as our goal. We had a rocky start, with a few wrong buses here and there but our luck sure changed as we got closer to our destination. We ended up catching a free shuttle from the middle of nowhere to the trail head of our hike---that little shuttle bus saved us an hour uphill walk to the trail head! Then we came upon three Buddhist temples and in front of one was a party! Well, it was more like a full time mini-carnival, but it was sure happenin by the time we got down. The parents were chatting, the kids were bouncing about on their sugar highs and the stray dogs were happy.

As we got further up, "Big Sharp Mountain," we met one of its lovely waterfalls. The mist and breeze this waterfall emitted was very refreshing and energizing like none other. I could have stayed there for hours! As we hiked further up the mountain we learn why it earned the name, "Big Sharp Mountain." It was well worth it though!! From the top, you can see clear to the ocean and across the whole of Taipei along with the famous 101. Also on top, they've created a mossy rock garden paved with green trees........


This year for Halloween, I had to work in a haunted house. As you can see, we are the cast of, "The Little Red Riding Hood." It was fun, but it can be quite exhausting trying to be scary for three hours straight--I screamed A LOT. Though many of the children recognized me right off the bat, cooing my name, "Maresa, its Maresa" they still screamed pretty loud when the wolf came bounding out----it was hilarious.........until one little one tried to save me from the wolf by nearly pulling off my skirt...........